The Sumner Foundation was set up by David Sumner in 2019 to provide financial assistance to promising young students (either born or living in the United Kingdom) to enable them to continue with their education and achieve their full potential.  David himself was born in London and it is he who will initially fund the foundation's activities. 

David Sumner is the founder and CEO of the Sumner Group, a company that builds and structures world-class companies by providing growth capital, delivering executional excellence and creating industry connections focusing on government procurement in the areas of healthcare, security and defence. The Sumner Foundation is not connected to SGH Global. It is a charitable organisation set up and funded by David Sumner personally.

Grants will be made to cover tuition fees for a course of higher education at a recognised UK academic institution. Grants may also be given in the form of a (discretionary) maintenance allowance. The Sumner Foundation would like to play a small part in helping these young students reach a higher level of education to give them more opportunities later in life.

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During 2020 the world saw a global pandemic emerge with devastating consequences for all. The Sumner Foundation, with the support of Sumner Group, has now initiated a programme to supply, free of charge, certain PPE products to frontline workers and vaccinations for the population of identified refugee camps across the Middle East, North Africa, Sub Saharan Africa and parts of South East Asia.