The Sumner Group has a long history of business in The Philippines. As part of the charity’s Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance Charter, we are proud to announce the launch of two philanthropic programs: 

  • Natural Disaster Zone Search & Rescue Scholarships
    The Sumner Foundation is now providing bursaries for 100 nurses and doctors in the Philippines allowing them to further train in the area of natural disaster emergency care. This would be part of a continuing professional development program to provide a vital resource to those effected by natural disasters that we see all too often in the world today. Once these medics have gained their accreditation, The Sumner Foundation will employ them to provide a rapid response resource for global disaster areas before major aid agencies have mobilised. These medical professionals will work in small teams alongside other NGOs engaged in search and rescue, and other immediate needs.


  • Agricultural sustainable life skills
    The Sumner Foundation will, with its local partners, provide land for agricultural use to provide food security for vulnerable Filipinos. It will provide the necessary agricultural training to not only plant, grow and harvest crops, but will also provide proven sustainable entrepreneurial training methods to monetise surplus produce equitably for all stakeholders.


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