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The Sumner Group has a long history of business in The Philippines. As part of the charity’s Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance Charter, we are proud to announce the launch of two philanthropic programs: 

  • Natural Disaster Zone Search & Rescue Scholarships
    The Sumner Foundation is now providing bursaries for 20 nurses and doctors in the Philippines allowing them to further train in the area of natural disaster emergency care. Once these medics have gained their training & international accreditation, The Sumner Foundation will employ them as regional team leaders to provide a rapid response resource for local disaster areas before major aid agencies have mobilised. These medical professionals will work with the local volunteer network and alongside other NGOs and government agencies involved in search and rescue as part of the National Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Plan.


  • University Grants
    The Sumner Foundation Philippines would like to play a small part in helping underprivileged Filipino students reach a higher level of education to give them more opportunities later in life. A limited number of grants will be offered to young people born or residing in the Philippines to allow them to complete a course of higher education at a recognised academic institution. 


  • Agricultural Sustainable Life Skills
    To help provide food security for vulnerable Filipinos, the foundation will provide the necessary agricultural training to specified local communities teaching them how to plant, grow and harvest crops. It will also provide sustainable entrepreneurial training methods to monetise surplus produce from any crops they may grow.


  • Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) Nurse Support
    A program that will provide Filipino nurses (in the GCC) with a dedicated resource to support them in the event they get into any type of difficulty whilst working abroad.


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