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Grants will be made to cover tuition fees for a course of higher education at a recognised UK academic institution. Grants may also be given in the form of a (discretionary) maintenance allowance. The Sumner Foundation would like to play a small part in helping these young students reach a higher level of education to give them more opportunities later in life.

The Trustees of the Sumner Foundation will offer a maximum of 5 grants per annum to young people born or residing in the United Kingdom to allow them to complete a course of higher education at a recognised UK academic institution.

Grants will be renewed on an annual basis at the discretion of the Trustees subject to grades attained and feedback from Tutors.



The Trustees will only award grants to applicants who:

  • enrolled, or intend to enrol, on an undergraduate course (full-time or part-time) at a recognised UK academic institution;

  • are at least 18 years old and a maximum of 25 years old at the commencement date of their proposed course;

  • were born in the United Kingdom, or (if born elsewhere) have continuously resided in the United Kingdom for a period of not less than five years immediately before the date of their application;

  • can demonstrate a financial need (for example those who are in the care or under the supervision of social services and/or those young adults whose parents do not have the financial resources to offer financial support).

  • Preference will be given to those studying the following subjects - Law, Accounting, Finance, Business.


The Trustees will award grants to fund full-time and part-time undergraduate course tuition fees and housing maintenance costs, with the amounts to be awarded to be paid directly to the relevant institution and/or hall of residence.  

The amount of grant shall ultimately be determined by the Trustees but in any case will be capped as follows: 

  • Annual tuition fees: up to £9,250

  • Annual maintenance/accommodation allowance: up to £4,000

  • Three year grant limit


Applicants are to email the following to

  • Covering letter: A covering letter or statement setting out the applicant's reasons for seeking a grant from The Sumner Foundation, including why they have chosen the course of study and institution in question, and what they hope to gain from the course.

  • Budget: A budget setting out details of the applicant's current income and expected expenditure, stating whether the applicant has previously applied for grants. It would be helpful to know if the applicant's siblings or parents attended university. If an applicant is awarded a grant and their financial circumstances change, the Trustees may decide to revoke the grant.

  • Academic Achievement: Details of prior academic achievement and work experience which demonstrates entrepreneurship and a good work ethic (applicants are encouraged to submit their CVs).

  • References: An academic or professional reference and a personal reference.  

  • Written offer: If the student already has a written offer/letter of enrolement, then please include it, otherwise you can always send it later to add to your applicaiton.

All applications are to be submitted by email to The deadline for applications for the 2024/25 academic year is 31 May 2024.


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