The Sumner Foundation was set up to provide financial assistance to promising young students to enable them to embark on or continue with their education. The charity has since initiated programmes to provide aid to projects across the EU, Middle East, North Africa, Sub Saharan Africa and parts of South East Asia, and also to orphans and vulnerable women in Ukraine.

Financial assistance to promising young students in the United Kingdom, aged 18-25, to enable them to continue with their education and achieve their full potential.

Georgetown-Sumner Immune-Engineering Program - an advanced research and innovation biomedical program at Georgetown University. with the intention to improve the health of people in the developing world and the world at large.

A project in Ukraine to deliver a facility to rehouse orphans and vulnerable women enabling them to start rebuilding their lives from a safe haven.  

Industrial hemp farming that requires no field rotation, has a greater impact on eliminating CO2 than a comparative size rainforest and is the subject of both existing and developing uses to replace certain plastics, packaging and aggregates.

We are proud to announce the launch of
3 philanthropic programs in the Philippines:

  • Natural Disaster Zone Search
    & Rescue Scholarships

  • University Grants

  • Agricultural Sustainable Life Skills

  • Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) Nurse Support